Heavy Loads

Easily transporting heavy goods

Speedlog is your partner for particulary heavy goods. We have extensive expertise in this area and provide a first class service for your transportation needs. We can provide transport concepts and studies already during the project phase, and we will deliver anything that has excess length, width, height and weight and which would require the use of specialist vehicle materials. Just ask us, we deliver!

Heavy transports under tarpaulins are Speedlog’s speciality. Our variable curtainsiders provide access to a fully enclosed trailer which is flexible to the nature of your goods, so that these are well protected from view and against the wet, splashes and dirt. This saves you time and the additional costs associated with the packaging necessary for open transportation.

Does the volume and nature of your cargo require combined transportation services? No problem. We coordinate and tailor various modes of transport for your goods: via truck and rail, barge and vessels. Please speak to our experienced project staff. We will advise you and provide the best possible solution to your transport needs.
Permanently approved!

Heavy goods transport without notice time? Our vehicles have permanent permits for certain oversized cargo within Germany, France, Spain, Portugal and the Benelux countries. This eliminates a time-consuming approval process: Speedlog will transport your goods as fast as possible.

If your products are even larger, we can provide the necessary individual permits from the authorities involved. You determine the point of departure and the target destination; we take care of everything else. This also includes customs clearance, if you wish. You can rely on us. We look forward to working with you. Just give us a try.